Mar. 2022 - Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital Partners with Healthy Living for ME as Community Provider


(Augusta/Pittsfield) - Healthy Living for ME is pleased to welcome Northern Light Sebasticook Valley Hospital as a community provider in the statewide network.

As a community healthcare provider, Sebasticook Valley Hospital in Pittsfield will be offering workshops in the area of chronic disease self-management education and caregiver support. These evidence-based workshops are free to participants and designed to help them learn and build the skills they need to manage a number of chronic/ongoing health conditions and/or their unique caregiver situation. The workshops may be offered in-person, virtually, or by telephone.

In advance of the workshops’ launch through Sebasticook Valley Hospital, staff from the hospital are participating in leader trainings through Healthy Living for ME this spring.

“Joining the Healthy Living for ME network will help us bring more resources to our community that support Maine caregivers and help Mainers manage chronic conditions and improve their overall health and wellness. As a healthcare provider in the community, we are committed to helping build a healthier future for Maine,” said Sherry Tardy, Director of Community Health for the Pittsfield hospital. “We look forward to launching these workshops soon!”

“We’re glad to have Sebasticook Valley Hospital join us as a partner. This partnership will help to expand access to our workshops in the Sebasticook Valley region of central Maine, giving more Mainers the tools they need to manage their own ongoing health issues or to get the support and skills to help them as caregivers,” said Jen Paquet, Training Manager of Healthy Living for ME.

Healthy Living for ME supports Sebasticook Valley Hospital and other community providers through shared funding streams, including grants through the Administration for Community Living. The funding supports leader trainings, materials for programs, and overall coordination for the effective delivery of workshops in the community.

To learn more about Healthy Living for ME and our resources and programs, visit, call 1-800-620-6036, or email

If your organization is interested in collaborating with Healthy Living for ME, or if you are an individual interested in volunteering with Healthy Living for ME, we invite you to contact

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