Jan. 2022 - Jackie Morton


When I first got involved with SeniorsPlus as an administrative volunteer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, after just a short time there I was inspired to do more to help the organization and Healthy Living for ME (HL4ME) further its excellent mission of creating a healthier Maine. I’m so glad I found HL4ME and wanted to share why.

HL4ME is making a positive impact on Mainers’ lives, and has even been able to do so through the pandemic with online workshops. As a volunteer leader for some of their online workshops, I’ve seen the positive impact firsthand and been so inspired by the participants and their progress. The staff of the organizations involved with HL4ME are also inspiring. They truly care and go above and beyond in their work to help Mainers.

As a volunteer leader of Living Well with Diabetes, Living Well with Chronic Pain, and other programs, I’ve witnessed people improve their wellness by using what they learn through these free and low-cost programs. The support and resources available through these courses can really be life-changing. I encourage anyone with an interest in health and wellness to look into getting involved with HL4ME, whether as a volunteer or participant.

You never know where taking that first step of getting involved will bring you - I didn’t plan to lead workshops, but I’m certainly glad to be doing so! If you’re interested, the best way to get more information about HL4ME is online at

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